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Sunday, January 01, 2006
Hi brothers & sisters,

This is a combination blog, photoblog, audioblog, teleconference and soon to become a podcast.
The primary reason that I'm speaking with you now, is because I consider this the best way that I've found to share my extensive research data & findings about computer technology. And how some of the ways that I think it's going to impact the community, now in January 2006 and in the emerging future.

Hoping that those of you who listen to my audio weekly technology updates and other technologically smart, savvy sisters and brothers will join me. So that we will use these remarkable opportunities and technology explosion to create income for those people around us and near us!

I particularly want you to listen to the 2 audio messages ( each about 5 minutes and one following the other ).

I will try an post 'Sy's Weekly Technology Update' on this audioblog about three days each week.

By listening to Sy's Audioblog, you will soon learn how to use some of the online tools that I will discuss on each program. As well as which types of technology that we as a group, ought to be trying to involve ourselves.

I look forward to working with you. And if you're a really nice person, I look forward even more!

All the best,
Sy Bounds

Oh and if you have a 'speaker feature', on your telephone. You can invite your friends or relatives over. All you have to do is switch your phone on 'speak'. And set it on the middle of the table.

Sy's Weekly Teleconference is from 3pm - 4:30pm each Sunday. It's about staying current about what's happening right now with technology and the African-American community, in your neighborhood, in the city, and around the world. You'll be totally updated in real time.

Our research effort's are 5 star.

Sy's Weekly Technology Update's are a an informational conversation about current technology and how it impacts 'The African American community today, and in the emerging future!

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