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Monday, November 05, 2007

Please forward this information to those community centers who wish to include new interactive technology in their teaching methods

Hey Charles,

I'm producing this audio clip for a very particular reason. It's designed for you and the members whom you have on your email list. Of which I'm really honored to be part of. But I can humbly say as well that you and the others are in for a special gift. A gift of very useful content over time!

You and I have known each other for over twenty years. We met when Harold Washington was mayor. And we met specifically when you were advising Ed Smith on his 1st run for alderman. And we've been 2 freelance, community oriented brainstormers ever since (From the westside to the western suburbs, we're tracked and discussed the issues in our community). I've mentioned all of this so that your a-listers know that we you and I have a history in our community.

As you know I've focused my attention for many years on how the internet impacts the African American Community. In fact almost each time that we bump into one another, I'm always sharing some aspect of my ongoing research focus data with you.

Well now it's time to share my collected data and research findings with more folks. And I choose to educate those whom I have experienced a fruitful, warm relationship thru the years.

It appears that based on the research and study that I've done on: Blogging, podcasting, simple website design, netcasting, internet radio, audio, video blogs, web channels, creative digital photos designs, emerging mobile phone technology and so much more has become very important in the community and thruout our country. And I have been closely following the footprints of some of the internets more innovative poineers such as: Dan bricklin, yaro, darren rowse, brain clark, jenette cates to name a few greats minds over the years. I've come to recognize so many connecting dots of emerging signs of things to come as far as what's what in todays's ( right now) emerging digital media. We are all witness to probably the greatest informational transistion that the world has known. Some among our community must earnestly begin to translate what is really going on. And not pontificate on those areas that they cannot provide, honest, knowledgable and valuable informational contributions. In short we must wake up!

Therefore I'm going to make it a point to coach you and your a-list emailers on what's what as it pertains to current and emerging digital technology and new media concepts (at least those who are thirsty to learn about my efforts therein).And I hope ya'll are wise enough to listen and utilize the information that you will receive.

So buckle up and let your friends hear these words. I will be your new media digital, multimedia advice coach. You and your friends will receive the benefit, the unique information, the many online resources, that they need to know, concerning what's what and what are the really important current and emerging multimedia learning tools and features that our community ought to place our focus on and participate in.

Now then many of your a-list people have been invited to share uncommon information that took me many years to decode and understand. I sincerely trust that most have the wisdom, the vision and the energy to realize what I'm sharing with your list. Your future learning envioronment must include interactive learning abilities. I can help those who hear this information get there. I won't do the work, but I can provide you a format. A correct perspective upon which some of you may begin to prepare for a digital future that is changing global positions as I write.

So get ready. I will be sending you, my blog. I will post my message each week on my blog or podcast. And it will arrive to your email and you can keep your group informed thru the blog.

Lastly, I encourage you Charles or any one of your a-listers to ask me any questions concerning new media concepts, anytime. My cell 312-802-4573. i look forward to working with some of you very soon.

And please don't forward to those on your list who are not interested. Of which I certainly respect their opinions as well.

Take care my friend,
Sy Bounds

cell 312-802-4573

Sy Bounds
New Media Info Specialist
Director Of Innovative Blogging @ Michele Clark Magnet
Contact: 312-802-4573

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Give Your Relative Or Friend The Gift Of Their Own Personal Web Channel (Blog) To Promote Their Story!

Give Your Relative Or Friend The Gift Of Their Own Personal Web Channel (Blog) To Promote Their Story!
"Own Your Own
" Personal Web Channel" !
CRDDC Choses To Use These Key / Vital Words And Phases To Utilize And Enlighten, As We Share This Remarkable / Transformative Information With Those People In The Community Who Have Stories To Express Or Messages That They Wish To Promote Their Products. Or those Who Have Businesses Or Dreams Of Starting Their Own Business! We Strongly Suggest That You, Study And Learn About The Following Words And Phases.

If You Study And Learn What These Words Mean. You Will Be A Lot More Closer To Understanding, How And Why Our Community Must Begin To Raise The Bar In Order To Restore Our Community Via Blog Technology Or In Other Words.....$$$Web Channeling. Some Of The Key Words And Phases Are As Follows:

Your Own Web Channel
Dump Income!
Raising The Bar In Technology?
Evaluate To Devaluate?

The New Entreprenuers & More To Come!

Here At CRDDC We Will Custom Design Your Own Web Channel At Your Request Or We Can Teach You How To.... Design And Maintain Your Own!
All You Have To Do Is Pick Up The Phone And Call......1-773-261-6098 Or email

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Small Businesses Are You Listening!

I can't figure out to what degree that a change is taking place. But blogs are really taking off. Is it a sea change? I'm still guessing!
But my sense is that those / we small businesses who begin to blog. Are going to reap the coming harvest.
Presently I'm having a senior moment. Or maybe the creative writing juices just aren't flowing as I would like. Otherwise I would attempt to put Sy's spin on blogging possibilties currently as I see it. But, instead I'm going to direct you to a couple of the smartest, easy for me to read, blogging guru's in my humble opinion. And I will put on my learning cap, just like everyone else.
These guys are true thought leaders on this topic........Enjoy!
If you own a small business, I would urge you to read the....Thursday, July 13, 2006
"It's Time for a Business Blog"
Right Here

Friday, June 30, 2006

Chetwyn Rodgers Drive Development Entreprenuership Training Program

See the first blog designed by students from Chicago's Deaf Community. A door has opened for those entreprenuer minded deaf students who choose to enroll in this remarkable class.....

Click here....

Click this

To Know Pastor Carol's Remarkable Spiritual Hand's On Outreach In Chicago's Deaf Community. It's A Beautiful Thing To Be A Part Of.

We Are An Entreprenuership Computer Training And Community Development Center....

Our Mission: Is to empower people to become economically self suffienct, Thru strategy development, implamentation training classes and programs to invoke community revitalization.

Our Core Programs are,

  • Entreprenuership Training Program
  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced classes for the general public
  • And specialized classes for the deaf and the hearing impaired
  • All entreprenuership classes will focus on blog training and blog development, as the foundation for all new businesses
  • Classes are taught by Sy Bounds, Director of Computer Innovation & Blog Development for CRDDC. Interpreted by Pastor Carol Clemons for the deaf and the hearing impaired


Computer literacy and advanced training classes for the youth, adults deaf and the hearing impaired

  • Director Of Computer Training, Ms. Hally Mays
  • Salesmanship Training Program, Instructor Is: Eugene Dilinado, National Sales Coordinator For Black Pages, Inc.
  • Grantwriting program training, Instructor is Attorney Richard Blackmon
  • CRDDC founder, Pastor Curtis Rodgers will share a weatlh of "Marketing / Promotional Tips & Techniques" that will encourage novice small business bloggers to various ways to promote and monitize their blogs.

Class Requirements include:

  • Blog Page Development
  • Read Ron Thomas Sr.'s Business book.....
  • Click here >>
  • Read 'Making It On Your Own', by Paul and ........ Edwards
  • And read 'Sy's Daily Scoop and Technology Updates', Audioblog to famiarize yourself with Sy's long time research focus on blogging concepts and ideas.

All Projects Developed By The Chetwyn Rodgers Drive Development Committee, In Collaboration With: The Church Of God In Christ ( S.E.E.D.), The Chetwyn Faith Memorial Church of God In Christ, City Of Chicago E.Z. / E.C., And I.B.M.,

Pastor Curtis A. Rodgers C.E.O.

Phone 773-261-6098


Friday, June 09, 2006

If You're A Small Business And You're Not Blogging Or If You Are Not Discussing Blogging, Could This Be Why?

The quotes below are from Brad Shorr and I whole-heartedly agree....

"How blogs are reshaping public relations by giving companies direct access to their audiences?"

"Right now, the business blogosphere is dominated by tech industry bloggers and some very major names from other sectors. But the trend toward blogging and conversational marketing is irreversible. Companies in other industries should pay close attention. They can capitalize by getting involved early".
" To do things right, we want to spend as much time as possible inside the client's office, to learn the business, and build relationships with the staff, become part of the team. We believe that's the best way to help clients market. We'll have to invest some extra time, but it's worth it if it gets results."
"These differences have huge implications for what and how a company communicates"
"When a customer gets past the hype and the one-way communication and starts to see the client as a group of people offering something of real value....good things happen. Marketing used to be "LOOK AT ME!" More and more, it's becoming "LOOK AT US!"
"A number of industries have embraced business blogs en masse. Yet, I meet executives all the time who have never looked at a blog, let alone considered starting one"
"The time for investigation is at hand. Estimates of the number of blogs are iffy, but run as high as 70 million worldwide. Whatever the number, blogs are spreading like wildfire. Some experts predict business blogs will eventually replace traditional Web sites altogether. That may sound incredible, but there's no doubt blogs are changing the nature of business communication in a big way."
"That being the case, businesses need to do two things."
"Learn about blogs and the many ways to use them, and determine whether now is the right time to start blogging"
"As you explore blogs, you will quickly see they behave nothning like websites. Web site communication is one-way: blogs are discussion forums. Websites are full of big picture marketing jargon: blogs are personal and plainly written. Web sites tend to radiate nothning but positive spin: blogs put it all on the table, good news and bad."
"On the plus side, the first bloggers in a particular niche usually wind up being the most successful. Having a reputation for thought leadership within your industry will attract business, even if your company is relatively small."
"I talk to executives in a variety of relatively low-tech industries that seem to be in a blogging no-man's land."
Their customers are older and may be just now getting comfortable with email. They value personal contact and phone calls, and wouldn't read a blog if you paid them.
But these executives are starting to encounter a new group of decision-makers with the opposite mentality. People that can't imagine life without email and would only use the phone if their life depended on it.
"Bridging the gap between these two customers types might be, in the end, the best reason to start blogging sooner rather than later. More on blogs to come."
" We want to help clients who are frustrated with their results, and have the sneaking suspiction they need to think about marketing in a new way."
All of the above statements are taken from blog posts by Brad Shorr___
Now here's my thought.....
" There were two cafe's downtown. One was across the street from the other. One cafe had a website. An active website. And the other cafe didn't use online blogging-technology.
Which cafe do you think will be there in five years?......
"Just thinking outloud!"

Monday, May 08, 2006

Technology in the Past Has Worked Against the Black's Interest..Why?

" I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives."

- Leo Tolstoy

" There is a natural opposition among men to anything they have not thought of themselves."

- Barnes Wallis

Both of the above quotes are almost exactly ways in which far too often I have found ring true, regarding the current African American community social folkways. To ignore such tendecies among present day African Americans is to forget that technology was always used against our race in the past.

And finally when now remarkable opportunities confront our race, all that is required is that we bring a sense of eager participation, an open mind and a sincere, honest approach.

I suspect that most of my people who are reading this, probably rank far above this writer in education, social status and economic well being. But, I believe that it's time that we put these titles in perspective and begin to develope small neighborhood forums and just have a conversation! A creative conversation and a sense of non-judgemental listening. Yes, that's what we should do. Now you know, go for it!

Sy Bounds

Today's Quote, Think About It! As We Approach Today's Technology!

" The mind likes a strange idea as little as the body likes a strange protein and resist it with similar energy.

It would not perhaps be to fanciful to say that a new idea is the most quickly acting antigen known to science. If we watch ourselves honestly we shall often find that we have begun to argue against a new idea even before it has been completely stated!"

- Mark Twain

I guess the relation between Mark Twain's above observation remind me of the missed, opportunities, oversights and purposeful avoidance of todays technology by so many folks in our community. As a concerned internet technology researcher who seeks to inform and interpret my research finding back to the community in as practical and clear way as possible. I find the last sentence in his quote, to be absolutely true.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sy's Daily Scoop....Special Contributor Morgan Carter & Wireless Consultant Paul Goins

Sy, Morgan & wireless computer consultant Paul Goins ( )
explain very useful information, regarding how this affects your daily computer usage. Lots of great information in a short time.

You can hear the conversation by clicking the green line below....These Audio Conversations Were Created For People Who Would Rather " Hear " An Article, Than Read It!
Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.
- Plato

Sy's Daily Minute....Morgan Carter shares his resources

Sy talks with and listen's to Morgan Carter, world's conversation starter. Publisher of Morgan's Memo news service, host of Omnibus Round Table T.V.Series, speaker / trainer and professional development coach. And computer consultant....Paul Goins. Morgan reveals the multi-layer media channels available to his many listners......

You can listen to Morgan reveal some of his many media channels by clicking the green line below....
These Audio Conversations Were Created For People Who Would Rather
" Hear " An Article, Than Read It!
Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.
- Plato

Sy's Daily Minute....Opens Up A Window To The World

Sy and Morgan informs listners thru point-counter-point, what are the best technologies that the average Joe or Joe Anne can look out for. For instance that talk about smart phones. Morgan talks about the cost of making a sales call.

You can listen to Sy & Morgan's conversation by clicking the green line below.....
These Audio Conversations Were Created For People Who Would Rather
" Hear " An Article, Than Read It!

Sy's Daily Minute....Follow the Smart Techies

Sy & Morgan Carter talk about current & various leading edge technology. That appears to be useful for local small business owners. And Sy mentions the names of some of the exceptionally tech savvy people whom he follow....Their advice and consul!

You can listen to the conversation by clicking the line below

Sy Interviews Morgan Cater....World's Conversation Starter

This week Sy interviews Legendary Black Chicago media personality Morgan Carter....World's Conversation Starter. Sy poses the question to Morgan as to what he thinks about technology today and how ot works for small businesses.

You can listen their conversation by clicking the line below