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Friday, June 30, 2006

Chetwyn Rodgers Drive Development Entreprenuership Training Program

See the first blog designed by students from Chicago's Deaf Community. A door has opened for those entreprenuer minded deaf students who choose to enroll in this remarkable class.....

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To Know Pastor Carol's Remarkable Spiritual Hand's On Outreach In Chicago's Deaf Community. It's A Beautiful Thing To Be A Part Of.

We Are An Entreprenuership Computer Training And Community Development Center....

Our Mission: Is to empower people to become economically self suffienct, Thru strategy development, implamentation training classes and programs to invoke community revitalization.

Our Core Programs are,

  • Entreprenuership Training Program
  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced classes for the general public
  • And specialized classes for the deaf and the hearing impaired
  • All entreprenuership classes will focus on blog training and blog development, as the foundation for all new businesses
  • Classes are taught by Sy Bounds, Director of Computer Innovation & Blog Development for CRDDC. Interpreted by Pastor Carol Clemons for the deaf and the hearing impaired


Computer literacy and advanced training classes for the youth, adults deaf and the hearing impaired

  • Director Of Computer Training, Ms. Hally Mays
  • Salesmanship Training Program, Instructor Is: Eugene Dilinado, National Sales Coordinator For Black Pages, Inc.
  • Grantwriting program training, Instructor is Attorney Richard Blackmon
  • CRDDC founder, Pastor Curtis Rodgers will share a weatlh of "Marketing / Promotional Tips & Techniques" that will encourage novice small business bloggers to various ways to promote and monitize their blogs.

Class Requirements include:

  • Blog Page Development
  • Read Ron Thomas Sr.'s Business book.....
  • Click here >>
  • Read 'Making It On Your Own', by Paul and ........ Edwards
  • And read 'Sy's Daily Scoop and Technology Updates', Audioblog to famiarize yourself with Sy's long time research focus on blogging concepts and ideas.

All Projects Developed By The Chetwyn Rodgers Drive Development Committee, In Collaboration With: The Church Of God In Christ ( S.E.E.D.), The Chetwyn Faith Memorial Church of God In Christ, City Of Chicago E.Z. / E.C., And I.B.M.,

Pastor Curtis A. Rodgers C.E.O.

Phone 773-261-6098


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