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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Small Businesses Are You Listening!

I can't figure out to what degree that a change is taking place. But blogs are really taking off. Is it a sea change? I'm still guessing!
But my sense is that those / we small businesses who begin to blog. Are going to reap the coming harvest.
Presently I'm having a senior moment. Or maybe the creative writing juices just aren't flowing as I would like. Otherwise I would attempt to put Sy's spin on blogging possibilties currently as I see it. But, instead I'm going to direct you to a couple of the smartest, easy for me to read, blogging guru's in my humble opinion. And I will put on my learning cap, just like everyone else.
These guys are true thought leaders on this topic........Enjoy!
If you own a small business, I would urge you to read the....Thursday, July 13, 2006
"It's Time for a Business Blog"
Right Here

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