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Monday, November 05, 2007

Please forward this information to those community centers who wish to include new interactive technology in their teaching methods

Hey Charles,

I'm producing this audio clip for a very particular reason. It's designed for you and the members whom you have on your email list. Of which I'm really honored to be part of. But I can humbly say as well that you and the others are in for a special gift. A gift of very useful content over time!

You and I have known each other for over twenty years. We met when Harold Washington was mayor. And we met specifically when you were advising Ed Smith on his 1st run for alderman. And we've been 2 freelance, community oriented brainstormers ever since (From the westside to the western suburbs, we're tracked and discussed the issues in our community). I've mentioned all of this so that your a-listers know that we you and I have a history in our community.

As you know I've focused my attention for many years on how the internet impacts the African American Community. In fact almost each time that we bump into one another, I'm always sharing some aspect of my ongoing research focus data with you.

Well now it's time to share my collected data and research findings with more folks. And I choose to educate those whom I have experienced a fruitful, warm relationship thru the years.

It appears that based on the research and study that I've done on: Blogging, podcasting, simple website design, netcasting, internet radio, audio, video blogs, web channels, creative digital photos designs, emerging mobile phone technology and so much more has become very important in the community and thruout our country. And I have been closely following the footprints of some of the internets more innovative poineers such as: Dan bricklin, yaro, darren rowse, brain clark, jenette cates to name a few greats minds over the years. I've come to recognize so many connecting dots of emerging signs of things to come as far as what's what in todays's ( right now) emerging digital media. We are all witness to probably the greatest informational transistion that the world has known. Some among our community must earnestly begin to translate what is really going on. And not pontificate on those areas that they cannot provide, honest, knowledgable and valuable informational contributions. In short we must wake up!

Therefore I'm going to make it a point to coach you and your a-list emailers on what's what as it pertains to current and emerging digital technology and new media concepts (at least those who are thirsty to learn about my efforts therein).And I hope ya'll are wise enough to listen and utilize the information that you will receive.

So buckle up and let your friends hear these words. I will be your new media digital, multimedia advice coach. You and your friends will receive the benefit, the unique information, the many online resources, that they need to know, concerning what's what and what are the really important current and emerging multimedia learning tools and features that our community ought to place our focus on and participate in.

Now then many of your a-list people have been invited to share uncommon information that took me many years to decode and understand. I sincerely trust that most have the wisdom, the vision and the energy to realize what I'm sharing with your list. Your future learning envioronment must include interactive learning abilities. I can help those who hear this information get there. I won't do the work, but I can provide you a format. A correct perspective upon which some of you may begin to prepare for a digital future that is changing global positions as I write.

So get ready. I will be sending you, my blog. I will post my message each week on my blog or podcast. And it will arrive to your email and you can keep your group informed thru the blog.

Lastly, I encourage you Charles or any one of your a-listers to ask me any questions concerning new media concepts, anytime. My cell 312-802-4573. i look forward to working with some of you very soon.

And please don't forward to those on your list who are not interested. Of which I certainly respect their opinions as well.

Take care my friend,
Sy Bounds

cell 312-802-4573

Sy Bounds
New Media Info Specialist
Director Of Innovative Blogging @ Michele Clark Magnet
Contact: 312-802-4573

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