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Thursday, January 05, 2006
African American Family Reunions & Technology Posted 4 Jan

Teleconferencing can be an effective, tool to connect families . Allowing organizers to plan family teleconferences on a monthly basis. ( Ask us how!)

This technology that we are sharing will allow African American families to connect nationwide. It’s very doable to hook-up with relatives from all 50 states on the same teleconference line.

I want u to pause a minute and think about what we just said. We will set up a teleconference to include relatives nationwide on one phone call or many phone calls to one teleconference. I KNOW YOU GOT THAT,RIGHT!

Some families know a great deal about their roots.Still others know little. These days families tend to be scattered all over the country. Teleconferences will allow families,college friends, etc.To stay connected even though they live far apart. When families come together at reunions once a year. It’s doubtful that you will get the one on one attention that a monthly teleconference family gathering will generate.

If u as the organizer, held a monthly teleconference, that would create more than enough activities to get things going in your family.

Keep in mind that we can set up monthly family teleconferences, while designing, developing and maintaining a genealogy blog, website or audio / video / photo blog that will include familiy photos, family members and family event history from early ancestors to more recent history.

Furthermore we encourage organizers to post a familiy history section. Linking the names to separate family member trees. Each person profiled separately.

Privacy / security issues: You should ask all living relatives for permission to include information about them on the site. Some do not want their information published on the web and others prefer that you not include certain information ( for example, birth dates ). In all cases you should respect their wishes.
There are many ways to present each family member that you have done the research on. Such as individual pages.

Including information such as:
Date and place of birthDate, and place death,Marriage date and place,Maiden Name,Names of Children,Names of Parents,Marital Status,Name of Spouse,Immigration Information,U.S.Military,Places the person lived, Where the person ‘fit’ in the family tree.

Also, you should include information sources wherever possible!
My favorite section :
Memories and stories:
You can use this section to describe personal memories you have about a particular relative. If this family member or any other family member has a website or email address of their own, then you may include it.

Next there should be a section to include photos and stories from a recent family reunion. When and where it was held. And how many people attended.

As well, I would suggest that you describe how you went about researching your family tree in the hope that it would inspire others to give it a try.

Don’t be selfish. You should mention where you discovered some of the interesting family history information during the course of your research.

List important links that you discovered. And be sure to evaluate your sources. Remember, don’t believe everything you read!

Don’t forget, most everyone has 2 family names. Your father’s, but also your mother’s. Don’t feel that you must restrict your research to your paternal family tree.

And the last thing that we will leave you with is this. All you have to do to get started on your monthly teleconference is to pick up the phone!

This information may just help you develope your own ideas. I’ve probably only scratched the surface with my suggestions. call us @ 1-708-937-5830

This could be a wonderful opportunity to add new meaning to
'African American History Month'
Across the nation!
It just makes sense!

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