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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Small Businesses: A One Page Website Is A ll You Need!

Before we proceed, I'd like for the small business owners / entreprenuers who take the time to check out what I'm trying to share with you! I will keep it simple. When you take the time to read this post. I will list each week, some of the most effective intelligent people whom I've encountered on the internet! Starting with master coach by the name of Jeanette Cates.....
And she advises smarter people than me, on building a better website. I think between people like Jeanette Cates and brilliant tech guru...Guy

and the creative perspectives that I bring to the table. There's a pretty good opportunity that you as a small business will be getting a whole lot of technology and related expertise ( including a quality webpage for $20.00 a month.

If you're trying to step your business up a notch to include technology. I first recommend that you take a little time each week and I will let you know what I learned from these masters of website / marketing technology!

Hi everyone, this is Sy. I'm working on my first Wednesday Minute this month, April 2006. And I will complete this text-based / audio and photo online presentation / lecture / technology update tomarrow.

But if you're a small business who needs a funchioning website ( THAT MEANS ONE THAT WORKS ). Then you absolutely must work with someone who not only builds websites, but who has some experience in marketing. This technology will transform your business in the best kind of way. I would highly recommend that you put aside some quality time to follow my advice.

My goal is not to try an sell you a website. I can build a professional website for any business in your block. Not a problem, in the least. For FREE! My goal is for you to understand the many skills that I bring to the table. A funchinoning website lays in the updating and maintenance. As well as someone who is truly well informed. The old days are really gone. Guessing won't get it!

As well a website, computer, telephone or Ipod cannot think. They're just tools! What you as a serious, minded small business owner needs today ( like yesterday ) is a website designer who knows what they're doing. From a to z.

Call me and let's get started....1-888-863-2470 ( leave a message ),

Oh and I will continue tomarrow with April's first Wednesday Minute.

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