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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Free Website Or Blog Your Choice...Local Small Business Owners

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I don't think that it's a big secret that money is tight. And folks are sort of forced to think pretty hard about how and where they spend their hard earned money.

And the goal for me is always trying to balance my many creative projects / skills with getting paid, while sharing the very best of my out of the box marketing promotional projects. And If I have any chance at all to sell my ideas, it must involve helping small business people to get their product or service out on the internet ( with professionalism, a sense of integrity and skills that bring with it,a level or standard that speaks for itself. ( Although, it really does require a level of present technology awareness to even understand what we are bringing to the table ). It's quite a lot, in fact!

And although it may appear like a typical FREE offer! It's far from typical. I'm not a salesman, really. I'm the person who will create, design and help you compose your website. I'm taking the FIRST STEP!

I'm accepting the first 35 small businesses who call me before April 1, 2006.After that I will not renew this offer!
I will build, design, help them compose their marketing approach and then I will publish their website or blog for FREE.

Remember this folks, people think, not computers. Computers do what people tell them to. You'll never get a website, until you decide to take action! That's what I'm talking about.

If you as a small business will join with me. Your monthly fee to maintain your website or blog will be $20.00.

If you're too skeptical and you don't already own a fully functioning website. Then I must remind you that a portion of my creative background is located and listed on my Sy's Weekly Minute audioblog. I urge you to review it! Over the years I have been very fortunate to be a source of creative, exciting and inspirational stories for many young reporters. I have always remained an optimistic person.

And because of my long running, diversified way of approaching the world. We are well able to spot and forecast innovative, cutting edge trends before lots of others do.

And I freely share my thoughts, ideas and suggestions with people whom I come in contact.

Now I'm going too list by bullet point. What I expect and need from YOU, Mr. & Mrs.Local Small Business Person, block clubs, neighborhood groups, spoken word artist, entertainers, special events, etc.

I need 1 photo of a product or service that you wish to feature
I need for you to prepare a mini-bio...from 3 paragraphs or longer if you prefer. That's your decision!
I need the names of the staff people whom you want to mention and tell me what they do.
I need all of your contact information: Phones, fax, website, email, town, city, etc.
I need a list of your previous projects and programs
I need to know what are your current projects or sales, etc
I need to know what are your future plans and vision
I need to know what good things that you are doing in the community
I need to know who are your prime suppliers
Do you have any really nice testimonials about your business or service?
Oh, by the way, I hope that by the questions that I'm asking ( alerts you ) that I know what I'm doing. And now to continue!

It will cost you nothing for me to build, design and create your new website. And it will be first a first class website, too. And FREE as well.
Your monthly maintenance and up-keep will be $20.00. And you will receive all that I've mentioned and a whole lot more! Sy's weekly Minute in a phase is designed ' To Raise The Bar' I'm not exaggerating when I say that you probably shouldn't be doing business today, if you don't have a website. Or at lease taking it very seriously!
Also if you decide to ask me for services beyond what we've mentioned above, then I will bill you at a rate of $25.00 per hour. That's still a very small cost for this level of consul and service. I'm easy to talk with!

If you are going to promote a product or service on the internet.That means that you MUST stay in contact with me at least 2 or 3 times a week. That's a must. Because if you don't see the need to stay in contact with me, then how can I help you? I'm not a mind reader.
In closing I'd like to share a bit of important information with you. Our relationship should be fun, exciting, open, respectful, learning involved, helpful and ongoing. And I look forward to meeting and working with you. And don't forget, your new website is costing you nothing to build. That part is FREE! Welcome aboard mate!
No contracts....Month - to - Month Agreement Only....All Clients Must Prepay 3 Months ( Once your website is ready )
Note: Keep in mind that When I take the time and effort to create, design and publish your website. That is an invesment on my part. So please take this serious......All accounts are based on you keeping up your monthly maintenance fee. Of course I will always seek to work with you, if you happen to be a little late. Anything longer than 2 weeks is difficult to maintain. Anyway I look forward to working with you!
I am going to list below, in groups of five. Businesses that probably should get a website as soon as possible. This is strictly based on my overall observation in regards to the work and research that I've done in this field.
  1. Daycare Centers ( for obvious reasons, parents want to stay as informed as possible. A smart use of computers will transform an average daycare into an important player )
  2. Any Restaurant or Take Out whose business is located near a hospital or lots of offices, is losing major $$$ by not utilizing computer / audio technology. And the cost to get it is really cheap. What's missing is that many owners just don't know what this technology will do today! This is a big oversight...
  3. Any retail store needs to have a website. And not one that your grandson has built in high school. We're talking about marketing here. At $20.00 per month for maintenance cost. We're trying to make it as easy as possible for anyone who is selling an honest product or service.
  4. General contractors, tradesmen, handymen or women, house painters, carpenters, etc. Even if you're working by yourself or with a partner.Come on, this is 2006...Get a basic, professional website and you will immediate upgrade your status as a serious professional!
  5. Automobile repair, detailing, painting, washing, etc. One thing is for sure. Single & married professional women have computers and new cars. If you fix or work on cars and trucks and you're ignoring having website. Man you're so far going in the wrong direction, it's incredibly a wrong atitude. You ought to change that thinking today!
  6. We have more important, practical information and suggestions next on the next 'Sy's Wednesday Minute'. To contact:
call 708-937-5830


How your business or store can bring in more ( buying ) traffic!

I'd like to offer an easy to do 'tip' to those merchants who join our team by allowing us to build a website for their business. Here's what you ought to do. Tell the business owners in your block or shopping mall, to do the same thing that you are doing now. For the same price.

They will get the same very, very high level of service that I'm providing for you. Now, here's the upshot!

  1. Put your flyers and pluggers in the stores in your vicinity.
  2. Tell each one of the those stores to make sure that every customer takes a flyer.
  3. All businesses who have a website in your vicinity, block or mall should be have their product listed on that flyer.
  4. Make sure that this flyer changes every two weeks!
  5. List your special, coupons, etc.
  6. Please instruct your clerks / managers to do 2 things, all day, everyday!
  7. Those 2 things are as follows: (1) Make sure that every person who enters your store or place of business has a flyer before they leave the store ( because when that happens you are working against your own sales efforts ) (2) Keep a pen and pad available.And write down every person's email address who enter's your store.( By doing this you are creating an important customer database )
  8. When you join our team, I will eagerly continue to share other innovative, creative tips that will bring fresh clients into your block and your store. We're serious and we enjoy being creative in what we do.So pick up the phone and call me, today and let's get started! 707-937-5830

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