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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Need 25 Small Businesses To Sign Up By March 31st

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Tell Anyone Who Really Needs A Website..........

For $20.00 per month we will build, design and maintain for you a: Website and a blog or audioblog, a message board and an easy to contact: Online Support Center.......To get your daily questions answered! You must prepay 3 months to get started. As A Small Business,
You Should Provide Your Clients More Than Just email ???????????

Restaurant - Beauty Salon - Auto Repair Service - Chamber of Commerce - Real Estate Professional - Artist - Any media personality - Singer - Spoken Word Artist - Popular Athlete - Daycare Center ( everyday care ought to be on the cutting edge of technology ).......Let me put it like this. If you have a skill, a business, a hobby, a block club, a group or anything that needs to be clearly known about YOU or your group!

Then YOU should be about the business of getting a basic website or blog. And that's where I can help YOU in a useful and effective way.

For $20.00 per month We will guide you into the process of getting on and using t he internet. We will design a website and a blog for you.
(1) We will help you prepare your bio, your contact information, your online product promotional strategy and we will upload one photo for you.
(2) Next we will publish your website or blog and get you up and ready. (3) As far as business cards and any other promotional or marketing assistence outside of your monthly maintenance cost of $20.00. You should expect to pay $25.00 per hour for our creative and technical efforts.
(4) Add on an extra $15.00 and we will electronically translate your website & blog text into: Spanish - French - Chinese - Portugese and more! We suggest using few words to express or translate a website or blog.
(5) And for $10.00 we will place a five line Add feature with photo on our website. Or we can take your existing website and Ad it to our......Spotlight Link Section! The choice is yours. You must prepay 3 months to get started.

We think that businesses who have an eye on the future of doing business will find that this translation feature very useful!

Referral Policy

I believe in generously rewarding my loyal friends and clients. If your referral brings in a new website my way, I will give you a cash reward of $20.00 or credit towards additional website or blog design and monthly maintenance costs. The choice is yours. Each new client must advise me of your name when they contact me. Your 'reward', is issued upon receipt of payment from the new client! You may contact me by calling 708-937-5830 or email
Now here's my Wednesday tip!
3 Things that can help you right away!
(1) Starting from today, ask everyone that you come in contact with for they're email , and let them know that you will keep them updated on your activities , now you're starting to build your very own client base.
(2) You should make it a habit to ask any youth whom you know what area of computers that they're working! You will not only be surprised, but you will learn that there's many, exciting and educational features that can improve our lives in a good way if we only take the time to stop and focus. Computers today can rekindle an old spirit.......!
(3) Invite me to speak before your group for a Q & A on present & future perspectives on how computers and technology will impact the average Joe & Joe Anne. In, fact some of you would be surprised to learn that we're in the begiining of one of the world's great surges....A technological renaissance.
How exciting!

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