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Friday, March 03, 2006

Restaurants & Audio Technology!

On this week's Sy's Weekly Minute
Businesses who will benefit greatly from Audio technology are: Any restaurants, deli's, take outs near hospitals and other large office style complexes. You won't require a lot of talk. But the speaker voice must mention your: Weekly specials, your top selling items and your delivery policy. And your speaker voice should change special each week.
Again, if you're in the restaurant business today. Office workers, nurses and anyone who orders foods to be picked up or delivered will appreciate hearing someone read your menu & and other specials. People can do other things when they are listening. When they're reading they must pay closer attention. Listening saves them time and they can play it over and over, until they decide what they want to order.
An additional reason that an audioblog or website is very neccessary today, is that anyone with an Ipod can......Push a button for a local restaurant on their Ipod directory ( and there are many directories that they have access to ). They are only going to choose the restaurants that have video or audio.

I'm truly happy for the opportunity to post Sy's Weekly Minute. And, I don't take my mission lightly. Although, judging by most people whom I come in contact with daily. There seems to be a strong desire not to extend much effort toward learning what technology is actually doing as we speak and how it will impact our daily lives in the emerging future. Well that's not my cup of tea. I'm very interested! And for those of you who follow 'Sy's Weekly Minute'. Here's what my tea leaves are telling me.

If your business or service wants to compete on the internet from today March (2006) and beyond. You must insert some form of audio or video into your website. And before I continue, let me say this. My primary research over the last couple of years, has been in audio technology. Precisely Audioblogging & Podcasting! I know who knows where the leaders play. I certainly don't wish for some of you to fish around for a year or two, before you understand what I'm offering you.

Now then, as I was saying, audio technology is simply an updating of radio programming, that has many other supportive elements to compliment it. Such as millions of potential listeners or buyers. Lightning quick access to your audience. Research tools are always just a click or 2 away. You can easily duplicate what other successful people ( businesses like yours ) are doing with the exact same product or service that you have. The smart ones are positioning to include at least some form of audio into their marketing strategy.

My goal is two fold.
(1) The majority of those reading or listening to this information require that someone who has knowledge about audioblogging or podcasting, would share that information in an honest, candid and straight-forward way. That's what I'm doing!
(2) Depending on how many businesses, art projects or events that you're planning or already working on. You may just want to have more than one website or blog. And if that is the case. For an additional $20.00 I will create and maintain a second website for you or your extra project. As I mentioned in the post before this one. All websites ( with blogs as well ) are $25.00. Until March 31, 2006. This offer will end!

(3) I trust that at least a percentage of those folks whom I'm sharing this remarkable, cutting edge information with. Would come to me when they are ready to purchase a: Website, Audioblog, videoblog or podcast. I've got a great attitude and more importantly, I know what I'm talking about. And that's rare in cyberspace, I think! ( smile )
All you need to do to get started is to pick up the phone and call 708-937-5830 or 708-937-5830

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